Confidence Boosting Tips

Confidence can be a difficult thing to develop. Regardless of where you are in your life or who you may be, almost everyone struggles to feel good about themselves and their abilities from time to time. The following are suggestions on how to develop self-worth and confidence, in all areas […] Read more

Why I Recommend the Co-operative Education Program

Have you decided of what you want to do? Do you want to know what it’s like to work in a particular industry? The co-operative education program (co-op for short) in high school allows you to work in a field you’re interested in and would like to explore for one […] Read more

Confessions of a Book Lover: The Early Days

As a self-proclaimed book lover, I pride myself on my love of reading and all things book related. When I was very young, my parents introduced me to interactive, picture, and digital books (I still have my LeapPad to this day). While I admittedly can’t remember an exact instance or […] Read more

There Are No Answers in the Back of the Book for Life’s Tough Questions

As you journey through your school years, you will be faced with a number of different problems that you will be told you need to provide an answer for: math homework, history tests, where to go to high school, where to apply for university, and almost definitely what do you […] Read more